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Astro Mundi

 Astrological education for the beginner and the professional.


Course Enrolments

Join us at any level:
Ast 101 - ideal for the beginner focusing on the basics
Ast 201 - the second year of the Essential Astrology course focusing on predictive techniques
Advanced Astrology (Diploma) Course: Unit 2 -The Individual's Future -Exploring and using predictive techniques
First Class: 1st June 2023 
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Astro Mundi offers astrological education to the beginner and the professional with an emphasis on astrological excellence.

Courses are provided through structured classes and workshops for the attending student. A Distance Education option is also available for some of the courses.

Astro Mundi offers the student:

  • Astrological education with professionally qualified and experienced astrological educators.

  • Faculty members who are active in the astrological community locally, nationally and internationally.

  • A school which is internationally recognised.

  • A syllabus which is internationally recognised.

  • Central location for the attending student in Adelaide, South Australia

  • Supervised Distance Education program for the correspondence student

  • Structured classes which provide a positive and encouraging learning environment.

  • Accessibility to teaching faculty and resources.

  • Assignments and projects which apply the learned principles and techniques.

  • On-going feedback and mentoring.


Astro Mundi's principals are Mari Garcia and Joy Usher - professional astrologers who have a commitment to astrological education.

Contact us for more information or download the Astrology Studies Guide.


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