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2024 Astrology Studies Guide  

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Essential Astrology Course


The Astro Mundi Essential Astrology Course has been designed for the student who has little or no knowledge of astrology.

The course provides the basic foundations of astrological techniques, structure and interpretation. Each Unit is conducted over six months and the Course is conducted over a two-year period. The material covered in the course in based on the Astro Mundi Essential Astrology Syllabus.

The Course gives the student the skills to:

  • Understand the basic astronomy of the celestial sphere;

  • Accurately calculate a horoscope with planets and luminaries to the nearest minute;

  • Understand the role of mythology in the development of the individual psyche;

  • Interpret planetary combinations;

  • Recognise and interpret major life cycles; and

  • Identify and interpret future trends using a variety of predictive techniques.

This Course is available on-line via Zoom.

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