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Joy Usher

Prac Cert FAA


is a Faculty Member of The Astrological Guild of Educators International (AGE Int) and joined the Astro Logos Open Learning programme as a Tutor in 1998.  She is a practicing astrologer and educator.

She began her studies in 1991 with Astro Logos and gained her FAA Practitioners Certificate in 1995.  She served as co-ordinator of the FAA Exam Board from 1996-1998.  She has been published in the FAA Journal and the Australis '97 Congress Papers, and her special interest is in applying mythology and medieval techniques to modern consulting practice.

She has lectured at the AUSTRALIS '97 Congress in Adelaide (January 1997), FAA Conference in Brisbane (January 1998) and the Trans-Tasman Conference in Canberra (June 1998) for which she was awarded the 'Rev John Farquarhson Award for Best Presenter. Joy also lectured at the AA Conference in England in 2003 and in 2009 at the inaugural Regulus Astrology Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

Joy is co-author of Scala Coeli: the Ladder of Heaven published in 2012.

Joy has also undertaken the Robert Zoller Medieval Course, the Astro Logos Medieval certificate Course and Bernadette Brady's Fixed Star Course.

She is a Council member of The Astrological Guild of Educators International and a member of the Forum of Professional Astrologers.

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As Above, So Below

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