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Welcome to the Astro Mundi Bookshop.
These titles are additional resources used in our Courses and Workshops. 

 They can be purchased by clicking on the image or on the mail icon.

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Book of Notable Births

Collection of Charts with relevant Biographies, a section on Mundane Events.  Categories include Artists, Actors, Inventors, Politicins, Religious figures and Writers.

PDF format

AUD $25.00

Scala Coeli: the Ladder of Heaven

A collection of six essays featuring original work on Thema Mundi, Rulership, Planetary Sighting, the Moon's Noddings, the Lunar Nodes, Combustion & Cazimi

AUD $25.00

Traditional Astrology: Glossary of Terms

A glossary of terms used in traditional with explanations and sourced from traditional texts and on-line resources.  Fully annotated.

AUD $10.00

A Tiny Universe & A Tiny Universe's Companion

A Tiny Universe is a textbook based on the Thema Mundi and explores the seven original planets, their meanings and role generally and specific to the natal chart.  The Companion explores a variety of techniques and their use in modern astrological practice.

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As Above, So Below

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