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Mari Garcia

Prac Cert FAA

is a consulting astrologer who started formal astrological studies in 1990 with Astro Logos in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. She received the Practitioners Certificate from the Federation of Australian Astrologers in 1995 and was awarded the Alan Johnson Gold Medal for achieving the highest marks in that year. Mari has also undertaken the Robert Zoller Medieval Course as well as the Post Graduate Certificate in Medieval Astrology awarded by Astro Logos. She has also undertaken and successfully completed Bernadette Brady’s Fixed Star Course.


Mari has lectured at all the Federation of Australian Astrologers biennial conferences since  2008.  She has also spoken at the Australis ‘97 Astrological Congress, is a regular speaker at meetings of FAA-SA Inc, and the Forum of Professional Astrologers Seminar Series.  She has lectured at UAC 2002 in Orlando, Florida, UAC 2008 in Denver, Colorado and in 2009 at the inaugural Regulus Astrology Conference in Melbourne, Australia.   She has published journal articles and writes regular columns for a number of publications. She edited Astrology - An Ancient Art in the Modern World: Australis 97 Congress papers and was also a contributor to the anthology.  Mari is co-author of Scala Coeli: the Ladder of Heaven published in 2012.

As well as a speaker and lecturer, Mari is an educator and consulting astrologer, having taught in Adelaide as well as having served as an Open Learning tutor for Astro Logos. 

A consultation with Mari is available in person, by telephone or via Zoom.

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Email Mari  or phone  0421 326 001 to enquire about or arrange a consultation.

As Above, So Below

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