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Advanced Astrology Course

The Astro Mundi Advanced Astrology Course consists of --- compulsory units of study over a period of twelve months or 4 Units.   Each Unit is conducted over 10 weeks and covers a specific topic or related themes.  Students must have previously completed two years of study and passed the Astro Mundi Essential Astrology exam or a recognised exam conducted by an astrological body or associationor  before enrolling in the Advanced Astrology course.

The Units in the Advanced Astrology Course are:

  • Unit 1 : The Individual  - Comprising fourteen lectures, this Unit focuses on broadening and deepening delineation skills with an emphasis on techniques and their application.  Topics covered will include the use of traditional techniques which enhance chart interpretation and the application of these to help address the life matters of the individual including but not limited to health, wealth, profession and family.    

  • Unit 2 : The Individual's Future - Comprising twelve lectures, this Unit focuses on developing predictive packages which are effective and accurate.  Topics covered include but are not limited to the use of transits, solar returns, profections, firdaria and other traditional methods with an emphasis on critical selection and application.

  • Unit 3 : The Astrologer - Comprising ten lectures, this Unit offers a unique  learning experience for the astrologer.  This set of sessions focuses on developing skills in chart analysis, articulating astrological principles and communicating these to clients.  A hands-on approach in a secure environment provides the attendee with opportunities to develop experience, apply skills and knowledge and enhance confidence in the consultation process. 

This Course is available on-line via Zoom.

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