Advanced Astrology Course

The Astro Mundi Advanced Astrology Course consists of --- compulsory units of study over a period of twelve months or 4 Units.   Each Unit is conducted over 10 weeks and covers a specific topic or related themes.  Students must have previously completed two years of study and passed the Astro Mundi Essential Astrology exam or a recognised exam conducted by an astrological body or associationor  before enrolling in the Advanced Astrology course.

The Units in the Advanced Astrology Course are:

  • Unit 1 : Delineation Intermediate  - Comprising twelve lectures, this Unit focuses on broadening and deepening delineation skills.  Each of the twelve lectures emphasises the basic astrological  principles, techniques and their application.  

  • Unit 2 : Predictive Techniques  - Comprising twelve lectures, this Unit will build on basic predictive skills and introduce a variety of other predictive techniques.  The aim is to develop predictive packages which work.

  • Unit 3 : Relationships - Comprising twelve lectures, this Unit emphasises the individual and the various types of relationships encountered in life. 

This Course is available via Attending or Distance Education options. On-line attendance is available for all current classes.

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