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Join Mari & Joy in a series of 6 on-line workshops or webinars on the twelve houses in Astrology: 

Temples of Heaven: House Intensives offer a unique learning experience: each individual webinar focuses on a house axis and comprises a 3-hour video viewed in your own time followed a few weeks later with a 3 hour on-line intensive exploring the connections between houses, rulers and planetary placements.  

Each House Intensive Webinar will cover a house axis: 1st-7th, 4th-10th, 2nd-8th, 5th-11th, 3rd-9th and 6th-12th. Attendance can be at single webinars or as a series. 

House Intensive Webinars are 3 hours in length and will run from 10:00am - 1:00pm ACST 

All House Intensive Webinars will be based on 3-hour videos sent four weeks beforehand and viewed in your own time.  You also receive the recording of the House Intensive Webinars.  The entire series comprises 36 hours of astrological lectures, discussion and application. 

Bring your own charts for discussion.

Cost is AUD$180 for each webinar or AUD$540 for a series.

Payment by EFT or credit card.

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Third and Ninth Houses - Mari Garcia

8 April 2022     3rd - 9th Houses video sent out

1 May 2022     3rd - 9th House Intensive Webinar

Using participants' charts, the webinar will explore planets in the Ninth and Third houses as well as planetary rulers of the Ninth as well as house rulerships of planets in the Ninth as indicators and matters which define and underpin an individual’s beliefs,  inspiration and journey to knowledge.  as well as the importance of siblings, the definition of Truth and its expression.

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Sixth and Twelfth Houses- Joy Usher

6 May 2022     6th - 12th Houses video sent out

29 May 2022     6th - 12th House Intensive Webinar

The Sixth House called Bad Fortune by the ancients, is where Mars loves to strut its stuff.  We examine the other planets in this place as well as looking at the difference between a planet in the sixth house as opposed to a planet ruling the sixth house.  Saturn doesn’t like to be left out so we will also explore the darkest of the houses, the Twelfth House, or as it was known, the house of the Bad Daimon. The Intensive will look at the connections of house rulerships and planetary placements influencing these matters.

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Second and Eighth Houses- Mari Garcia

3 June 2022     2nd - 8th Houses video sent out

25 June 2022     2nd - 8th House Intensive Webinar

The Eighth House’s main significance is death, loss and grief as well as personal vulnerabilities which impede a person but may also is a contributing factor to some level of gain.  The Second House signifies wealth and substance  and the manner of attaining it.  The Intensive will look at the connections of house rulerships and planetary placements influencing losses and gains.

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Fifth and Eleventh Houses- Joy Usher

1 July 2022     5th - 11th Houses video sent out

24 July 2022     5th - 11th House Intensive Webinar

The Fifth House is the house of ‘good fortune’ which allows for all kinds of pleasure, entertainment, fun and a sense of freedom – Venus’ joy – based on the belief that there is ‘nothing to lose’ in this house.  The name of the Eleventh House in Latin is Bonus Daemon (The Good Spirit) reminding us that a benefic spirit protects, guides and directs us as we try to make the best choices in life.  Planetary rulerships and placements will describe the matters that influence our sense of fun as well as our choices.

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Fourth and Tenth Houses- Mari Garcia

5 August 2022     4th - 10th Houses video sent out

28 August 2022     4th - 10th House Intensive Webinar

The Tenth House describes the individual’s goals,  ambitions and place in the outside world as well as the fruits of one’s labours which propel us to prominence.  It is also the house of Mother. The Fourth House deals with hidden matters, family,  and heritage.  It is where the individual retreats to find both solace and sanctuary.  It is also the house of Father.  The Intensive will look at the connections of house rulerships and planetary placements influencing the private and public life of individuals.

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First and Seventh Houses- Joy Usher

2 September 2022     1st - 7th Houses video sent out

25 September 2022     1st - 7th House Intensive Webinar

The first house is Mercury’s favourite place to hang out. It thrives on the activity and energy created when the individual first encounters new experiences and embraces the challenge of dealing with different and exciting possibilities.  This final webinar on the angular houses explores the changing faces of the Ascendant and how various signs and rulers affect both the first house and its opposing house of relationships.

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