Join Mari & Joy in a series of 6 webinars on the twelve houses. They will explore the origin, meaning, and symbolism of the houses and how they can be applied.

Each webinar will cover a house axis: 1st-7th, 4th-10th, 2nd-8th, 5th-11th, 3rd-9th and 6th-12th. Attendance can be at a signal webinar or a series. A series is two webinars over a weekend.

The webinars are 3 hours in length and will run from 10:00am - 1:00pm ACST 

Cost is AUD$50 each webinar or AUD$80 for a series.

Payment by EFT or credit card.


19th - 20th June 3rd-9th axis and 6th-12th axis

17th - 18th July 2nd-8th axis and 5th-11th axis

21st-22nd August 1st-7th axis and 4th-10th axis

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The Cadent Houses

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Saturday 19th June 2021

 Third and the Ninth Houses: God & Goddess

Known as the ‘better’ of the cadent houses, the Third and the Ninth houses are often ignored or simply glossed over in modern astrological practice.  Both houses are the joy of the luminaries: the Sun beams down from the Ninth, Deus was its name - the house of God, of knowing and knowledge and gifts.  And opposite the Ninth, the Moon gazes up from the Third,  Dea was its name – Goddess ruled the house of truth, knowing,  and of friendship.

The webinar will explore the Ninth house, planets in the Ninth as well as planetary rulers of the Ninth as they are indicators of the individual’s belief,  how they define belief, what inspires as well as how they define and describe the journey to knowledge.  We will also look at the Third house, planets and rulers of the Third and how these define the importance of siblings, the definition of truth and its expression.  As the house of the Goddess, it also describes what help is at hand to help the individual realise and express their truths.

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Sunday 20th June 2021

The Sixth and Twelfth Houses: The Sandbox of the Malefics

Each of the original seven planets has a favourite place to play. The Sun loves the ninth house whilst the Moon revels in the opposite third house.

Jupiter works its magic best in the eleventh house, and Venus is enchanted, and enchanting, in the opposite fifth house. Inquisitive Mercury is happily occupied in the first house and thrives on constant stimulation from the environment and new experiences.

This leaves the two trouble-makers, Mars and Saturn, neither of whom is known to play nicely in the chart. Their natures are extreme and their sole purpose is to separate rather than unite, so where do they belong in the scheme of things?

This Webinar looks at the sixth house, called Bad Fortune by the ancients, where Mars loves to strut its stuff. We examine the other planets in this place as well as looking at the difference between a planet in the sixth house as opposed to a planet ruling the sixth house.

Saturn doesn’t like to be left out so we will also explore the darkest of the houses, the twelfth house, or as it was known, the house of the Bad Daimon. Find out what your Bad Daimon looks like, and how it can send you astray when you least expect it.

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As Above, So Below